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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Gaining Confidence through Evidence Based Investing

In contrast to most investors’ hyperactive (and costly) efforts, we help you plan, build and manage your portfolio to harness:

Sound investment theory – More than a half-century of solid academic evidence describes how markets are expected to deliver available returns to steadfast, patient investors. It has to do with “asset allocation” (because that’s where you’ll find the lion’s share of return variation action), as well as a high emphasis on cost control and tax management (because that’s where most investors do the most damage to their results).

Sound portfolio construction – To convert theory into action, we turn to a few select fund families who offer us strong, practical investment solutions designed according to these same principles. We construct the core of most of our client portfolios using low-cost, asset-class funds. For our fixed income investments, when appropriate, we also can turn to a distinct solution for building individual bond portfolios, highly customized to deliver income and/or portfolio stability according to your unique goals.

Sound investment management – To help you reach your personal finish line, we manage your portfolio with disciplined buying, holding and periodic rebalancing. We also meet with you regularly to answer questions, improve understanding and explore whether your underlying goals have changed. If they do, we make portfolio adjustments to reflect your revised course. Sensibly, proactively, according to your unique needs.

Focusing on The Things That Matter

With preparation, process and practice, we bring you the focus you need; moving you past the complexities into a serene place where good decisions become easier: where your goals and your realities unite.

In preparation, we explore and address these four elements in your financial sphere:

Enhancing wealth – with sound investing based on your personal goals.

Protecting wealth – against life’s most likely uncertainties that could knock you significantly off-course. Your financial goals can span a lifetime, or even generations, so it’s important to prepare for uncertainty and events that could derail your overall strategy. Our role as your advisor is to not only assist you in defining your long-term objectives, but to identify potential threats to your success, and help implement protection against them.

Transferring wealth – preparing for a successful transition of your desired legacy. Part of that often depends upon good communication among family members. It also involves careful planning and employing sound legal strategies. Our practice has resources in place to assist in the process of ensuring that estate planning details are well-prepared and clearly defined.

Donating wealth – defining and accounting for your charitable intents. There are many considerations and benefits when integrating philanthropic wishes into a wealth strategy. Charitable giving can play a significant role in your tax and wealth planning efforts.  As part of our partnership, we carefully integrate it into your personal strategy.

We Know What We’re About (hint: You)

To create a place where the processes are understandable — where investing and wealth strategy just feel right — we embrace the following principles:

We commit to serve as your fiduciary advisor.

In legal jargon, that means we are required to provide advice and recommendations that put your interests ahead of our own. Period. Not just because we are legally obligated to do so (although we are). Not because it works well as a business model (it does). We do it simply because it is right. Will your current advisor commit to the same?

We are structured to deliver attentive, individualized service.

Before we offer you our advice, we make a point of getting to know you and what is important to you. Developing personalized insight is key to providing appropriate care.

We build custom, well-integrated investment and wealth management plans.

You are an individual, with one-of-a-kind financial needs. That’s why we create a written, comprehensive Investment Policy Statement and wealth management plan for you that are likewise unique, to meet your personal circumstances.

We help you plan for what matters (to you) and ignore the rest.

Our advice is goal-oriented, whether the goals are imminent or long-term. We evaluate and make recommendations for achieving them. We also help you fit each of your discrete objectives into the context of an overall wealth strategy.


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